Minnesota Twins Announce "Sid Hartman Day" -- May 18

sid hartman day - may 18 - minnesota twins The Minnesota Twins will honor one of Minnesota's most renown sports journalists with bobbleheads, commemorative coffee mugs, and a pregame ceremony May 18 at Target Field. The organization just announced "Sid Hartman Day," a day shy of Hartman's 94th birthday, which is March 15. Hartman has been a popular sports columnist throughout his career with the Star Tribune. In addition to his career in journalism, Hartman became the acting general manager of the Minneapolis Lakers basketball team in 1947. The Lakers later moved to Los Angeles. And while Hartman is recognized for his mastery of the English language, he is praised for his direct comments and opinions. He was also able to build credibility with many important sources within the sports teams in Minnesota and across the country. Tickets to the Twins game and Sid Hartman Day can be obtained here.   Photos via: Google  

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