Minnesota Twins Entice Fans With a Fun Video

kent hrbek - teaches Mauer to play first base

Sure the Twins most likely will not be competing for the AL Central Crown in 2014 -- the Tigers seem to have that on lock down with their mighty roster -- but that doesn't mean Minnesota Twins fans have nothing to cheer about. Aside from the revamped pitching staff, Mauer moving to first base, and some other fresh faces, the Twins are using creative video ideas to get fans excited for the team and summer baseball. This video pays respect to the Twins glory days and one of Minnesota's fondest sports memories -- the 1991 World Series. During the series, which is widely regarded as one of the best baseball series in the history of the sport, Kent Hrbek and Ron Gant were part of a very controversial call where Gant was called out at first by a Hrbek wrestling move... ehh... tag. This hilarious video shows Hrbek giving Mauer some advice on how to play the position while making fun of the controversial call -- I'm sure Braves fans everywhere almost split their sides watching Hrbek poke fun at the call.   Photo and video via: MLB.com  

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