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Minnesota Gopher Football -- Midseason Update

TCF Bank Stadium Six games into the 12-game 2014 regular season, the head coach Jerry Kill and the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers are sitting at 5-1 and with their first 2-0 record in the Big Ten since 2004. This week is the homecoming game against Purdue, the perfect opportunity to look at what's happened so far and what's ahead for the 2014 Gophers. So far, David Cobb has 819 rushing yards, well on his way to besting last year's total of 1,202 as well as the school record 1,464 set in 2005 by then-junior Laurence Maroney. The passing game has been less than stellar once again, a sticking point for Gopher faithful for the past...

Transvestite Soup: MN Rocky Horror Picture Show

tranvestite soup logo

Rocky Horror Picture Show, whether it be the stage production or the 1970s film, has been a cult classic for many generations. The story centers on a boring, ordinary, newly-engaged couple, Brad and Janet, who suffer a flat tire in the middle of nowhere on a stormy night. Looking for help, they stumble upon a dark castle-like home full of a remarkably strange group of people, following the lead of Dr. Frank-n-Furter (wearing heavy make-up and women’s lingerie), who is a self-described “sweet transvestite.” Brad and Janet are thus thrust into a dramatic, and hilarious, sex-obsessed world featuring...

Minnesota Endangered Species List Part of a Larger Picture

endangered species

Carol Pruette has never seen an Indochinese tiger. Until someone mentioned the name, she'd never heard of a Ganges River dolphin. Pruette, a resident of Marshfield, Missouri, is neither an animal expert nor a biologist so it perhaps comes as no surprise she is a not familiar with two of the many animals species considered endangered on earth. And though the aforementioned animal species mean little to Pruette - and perhaps most of the people who reside in or happened to be visiting Minnesota that afternoon - when this reporter spoke to her outside the Cook County Library in Grand...

Inside The Minnesota Music Scene: Alison Scott

allison scott

Alison Scott has done a lot in the short time she's been pounding the pavement of the Minneapolis music scene. She tours the country, sells out the Dakota Jazz Club on a regular basis, teaches private voice lessons, and is currently the experiencing the newfound experiences of motherhood as she raises her daughter Grace with husband Andy. Somehow through all of that she has found time to release five studio albums which includes two albums of songs that cover the musical spectrum, and her first holiday album. She's now in the process of recording her sixth still-untitled album which will be her third album of originals. Her last album of mostly originals...

'The Judge' Offers a Hung Jury

The Judge Warner Bros

I'll begin my assessment by reassuring those who are excited to see The Judge: this is a satisfying movie. If idyllic Americana visuals, gravy-thick themes and archetypal yet well-developed characters engage your interest, then go ahead, see this film. My criticisms, which are many, nearly all fall under cosmetic categories. The flaws won't jump through the screen, unless you have a particular dislike for court dramas.
Cinematography Prevails!
Although acting nearly took the blue ribbon, The Judge is too loaded with perfectly executed...

Minneapolis 'Blueprint-Approved' Event Tuesday Night

Blueprint-approved on stage

Want to support the community? Don't like youth violence? Perfect.

There will be a number of youth-created projects on stage Tuesday night 6-8 p.m. at the Capri Theater located at 2027 West Broadway. There are four different types of media that the six groups will be displaying: documentary film, visual arts, performance and a sport/physical activity.
"Each project allows youth to reflect on their personal efforts to address the issue of youth violence and share it with friends, family, and other peers in their neighborhoods to address youth,"...

'The Football Jones' Week 6 Picks

joan rivers Hey, do you guys remember Joan Rivers? Was she just a gas or what?! Anyway, to the games:
(3-2) NY Giants @ (4-1) Philadelphia

eli manning

I have a lifelong theory about the New...

Interview with Minnesota Governor Candidate Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson Explains his Views to Erik Bergs

Minnesota Connected was recently given the chance to interview the gubernatorial governor candidate Jeff Johnson (GOP) -- the interview took place hours before his first debate with Mark Dayton (DFL) in Rochester (available to view here). Our conversation focused on a variety of policy issues, but we found a number of non-political tangents to wander down as well. Minnesota Connected: Obviously the debate today is...

Vikings Week 5 - Review, Preview and Talking Points

Suh - Lions

"Time heals all wounds," said a wise man once. With the sting of the Vikings Thursday night expedition to Wisconsin receding into the catastrophes gathering dust in Minnesota's collective memory, it is finally time to move on.
Things Worth Mentioning, but not Dissecting
  • Christian Ponder, who played last week in Green Bay, did not have a good showing. Let's not beat up the guy for it. Maybe there is a team out there for him, maybe not. Let it go.
  • The banged up and under-performing offensive line didn't look great against the Packers. Let's see a few more games before pushing...

Minnesota Connected Has Free Screening Tickets to 'St. Vincent'

St-Vincent-Movie If you love Bill Murray, and I'm sure almost all of you do, the upcoming film St. Vincent should be right up your alley. This movie not only looks hilarious from the trailer (seen below), but it also has a star-studded cast. Many folks have grown to love Melissa McCarthy for her outrageous onscreen antics, but this movie looks like a touch of a calmer role from her. Either way, she looks to fit in beautifully with Murray and the layout of this project. Check out the trailer. If St. Vincent...