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“I’ll Take Murder for $100 Alex” -- The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen

One of my guilty pleasures is to click on the “BUZZR” game show network when I see a vintage show. Try turning away from a black and white edition of “What’s My Line?” when Johnny Carson or Debbie Reynolds are on the panel or Bette Davis, Frank Lloyd Wright or Charlton Heston are contestants? Talk about timeless!

And I can’t look away from the advertisements which look as primitive as a toddler’s first painting. Suave shampoo portrayed as an elite Parisian delight. Did they really have the same Suave brand 70 years ago? (Yes.) Or Kellogg’s Corn Flakes which would sit untouched and unopened...

Movie Review -- 'A Star is Born' Features Oscar-Worthy Performances From Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

A Star is Born has two really great things going for it. One, a star/director who really, really cares about the film. Two, it has Lady Gaga.

This is the second time the 1937 film A Star Is Born has been reimagined, and this version bears a closer resemblance to the 1976 incarnation than the original. Washed up rock star Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) meets Ally (Lady Gaga) and they fall in love, allowing her access to the career and stardom she’s always dreamed of while he continues to be pulled down by his alcoholism and drug addiction....