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Artist Spotlight: Fashion Designers Tabitha Andelin and Gina Moorhead

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Circle of Design 2016, Minnesota’s favorite fashion show, has taken this year to the next level. With new and exciting sponsors like Aesthetic Institute of Edina and Styles and Statements, it is possible to expand the efforts of the show to be extremely supportive to its student designers and local businesses.

In fact, of the three students participating in the show this year, Tabitha Andelin will be fully sponsored by show creator Shelly Gensmer and Circle of Design alum Gina...

Freeman Announces No Indictment In Jamar Clark Shooting


There will be no indictments handed down in the fatal police shooting of twenty-four year old Jamar Clark.

On Wednesday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced he will not pursue charges against Officer Mark Ringgenberg or Officer Dustin Schwarze for the shooting. In the investigation, Freeman said he was concerned with determining whether Jamar Clark was handcuffed and what the evidence suggested about the use of force by police.

Freeman decided not to indict either of the officers after he reviewed DNA, photographic, and autopsy evidence which...

Minnesota Connected Sits Down With the Eclectic Group 'Boy on a Bike'


Playing a stripped down set, Gentry Schweiger and Colson Wabshaw of Boy on a Bike appeared on The Garage stage like two men born to be rock stars. Their unique and eclectic style showed as the white projector screen lifted. In the middle of the stage sat a thirteen-inch RCA television playing static with their band name in hot pink on the screen. Gentry, the lead singer and guitarist with long blonde hair, a black leather jacket, a black shirt, black skin-tight jeans, and white shoes, invited the audience to pull in a little closer to the stage. Opposite him, Colson sat on a stool, his long brown hair and beard resembling a man of Biblical proportions come to jam on his electric...

Fuel Your Body After You Train

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Do you find yourself wondering what to eat after a run or other training workout? There is so much information out there on what to eat pre and post workout. How do you determine what to do to get the most out of your workout by refueling it properly? This can be a simple strategy of combining the right food categories to get the most out of your nutrition and training. It is common to over-eat immediately after a strenuous workout. This is a very typical practice if you are training for longer endurance events like a marathon and triathlon. While it is vital for you to consume an appropriate baseline of calories...

Movie Review -- '10 Cloverfield Lane' -- The Rare Horror Franchise that Deserves to Go Viral

2008’s Cloverfield was a decent monster flick that suffered from one fatal flaw: it was a found footage film that did not need found footage. Writer Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and director Matt Reeves (Let Me In) had proven they were more than capable of developing characters and building suspense the old fashioned way. The shaky camerawork and gimmicky "realism" just got in the way. The argument, I suppose, went that massive disasters today are also viral media events. Horror should address the way we view catastrophes in the modern world: at a distance, from low res cellphone footage taken by onlookers. Fair enough. But the movie wasn’t committed to that perspective....

Minnesota Super Tuesday is 'Berning'

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The results are in. Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both winners on the national stage this Super Tuesday in their respective parties. They each captured seven states out of eleven and both won the majority of their party’s delegates. However, here in Minnesota neither Clinton or Trump were winners.

Instead Bernie Sanders won for the Democrats and Marco Rubio won for the Republicans. For Sanders this was a much needed victory that is one of four states he won on Super Tuesday, the other states being Colorado, Vermont, and Oklahoma. In Minnesota, Sanders captured well over 60%...