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Movie Review -- 'Dumbo' is a Tribute and an Extension of the Original

Growing up, I liked two things more than anything: trains and elephants. So, an animated movie where elephants spend a lot of time on a train appealed to younger me, and as a result, Dumbo was my favorite Disney film.

Years later, it’s still high on my list, but with asterisks. Yes, it was originally a short that Disney decided to expand into a feature, leading to the film’s exceptionally short runtime (at 68 minutes, it’s one of the shortest of all the Disney features).

Yes, despite Pink Elephants being the best animated representation...

Movie Review -- 'Five Feet Apart' is a Great Flick for Those Who Love Romance

Because I’m cynical and older than the target audience, I went into Five Feet Apart expecting to have to carefully write this review. It’s one thing if the movie is actually atrocious and it's obvious to all (so not Twilight, but maybe some of its fantasy romance knock-offs), but if it’s a passable piece of media that just isn’t for me, it’s not my place to tear it down unnecessarily. And given that The Fault in Our Stars really didn’t sit well with me, I struggled with how I would approach my dislike of the dying-kid-romance genre without it being unnecessarily negative to the film.


Movie Review -- Despite Having Lots of Firepower, 'Triple Frontier' is a Dud

It’s not often that I get nostalgic for the VHS era. Yes, there was a lot to love about the mystery of bringing home a video from the rental place with nothing to go on but the cover. But for every hidden gem we uncovered, there was a pile of terrible Rambo knock-offs starring Charles Bronson that put a bunch of retired army guys against some one-dimensional villains that basically exist for our heroes for hire to mow down.

Nowadays, instead of the quirky local video store, we have Netflix, making the same C-movie schlock but putting A-list stars in it instead.


Movie Review -- Brie Larson and Marvel Add Another Classic into Their Universe With 'Captain Marvel'

Marvel Studios right now is sort of enjoying the status Pixar did in the last decade - the studio name alone is an indication of a level of quality to expect. Unlike Pixar, however, Marvel Studios seems to be getting better with age. Captain Marvel is the 21st feature film in the franchise, and also functions as an origin story for the character. It also happens to be one of the best superhero origin stories in the Marvel canon, taking the formula found in earlier films like Iron Man and Doctor Strange, and tossing it aside for an identity crisis mystery.