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Movie Review -- 'The Legend of Tarzan' is a Solid Action-Adventure Flick


Tarzan has long been a household name, bringing up memories of chest beating, vine swinging, and that famous yell that echoes through the jungle. He's seen his day in old television adaptations and some animated features from Disney, but never in a big budget blockbuster. Similar to The Lone Ranger or John Carter, classic heroes adapted for today's audience (and both big box office failures), the relevancy of Tarzan remains unclear. Some may find his mythology silly and outdated while others may become uncomfortable by the story of a white...

How the iPhone Helps a Blind Baseball Fanatic

iphone6-how it helps the blind

There are many ways an iPhone can help a blind person like myself. You might wonder how since the device relies heavily on a touch screen. Let me share with you my experiences with my iPhone. When I got my first iPhone last December, I never dreamed of how big of a role the device would play in my baseball fandom. Initially, I had gotten the iPhone in order to have a phone that was more accessible than my flip phone. With the iPhone, I can send and receive messages and add phone numbers to my phone book, things I couldn’t do on my flip phone since I could not see the screen on it. I also wanted to...

Understanding Food Labels and Their Terminology


Let’s say you are trying to shop healthier for your family. You head out to the store for your weekly shopping trip, determined to come home with some healthier alternatives to the items in your pantry. However, when you get to the store, you find a multitude of products with different labels. Trying to determine which may be the best one to try is not always that easy. Products don’t just yell out from the aisles, “I’m the healthiest one! Buy ME!” I have spent an awful lot of time reading labels and nutritional data. (Trust me: you would not want to go food shopping with me … ever, just ask my...

'Le Switch' -- Le Sigh: A Review of Phillip Dawkins’s New play at The Jungle Theater

DN1_6077v2 Meet David. He’s the protagonist of Le Switch, a play now having its world premiere at the Jungle Theater under the direction of Jeremy Cohen. David is a 35 year-old gay librarian who loves long walks by the water, has a deep love for collecting rare books that he never opens and a deeper ambivalence about marriage. Everyone wants David to find someone. His best friend Zachary is getting married. His sister Sarah is already married. Even Frank, his never-married but deeply committed roommate, thinks he should get over himself and get into something serious. David asks “Don’t you want me...

Twins Reliever Perkins Out the Remainder of 2016

glen perkins - 2016 - surgery - shoulder

Last week, the Minnesota Twins received the worst injury news of the season. It was announced that left-handed reliever Glen Perkins, who had been out since early April, was going to have season-ending surgery on his left shoulder to repair a torn labrum. Up until that point, the Twins had been optimistic that Perkins would be back on the mound this season.
 “We were hoping to rehab it, but it didn’t work. So now, surgically, we’ll get this taken care of and hopefully everything will go well and we can get him ready for spring training,” Twins General...

Why Today's Brexit Vote in the UK Matters

Vote Leave Protestors - by Garry Knight

Many Americans will hear the word "Brexit" for the first time today. No, it's not the name of some newly concocted stock index or a must-try low-calorie cereal; it's in fact the term used to describe United Kingdom leaving (or potentially leaving) the European Union. Today, June 23rd, the UK is having a referendum on choosing whether to 'Leave' or 'Remain' within the 28 member state body. The outcome is quite uncertain, but resulting tremors will be felt throughout the globe.  
Why Should Americans Care?
Financial and stock market...

Free July Tours of U.S. Bank Stadium Available

us bank stadium - tours - 2016

Have you wanted to see the new U.S. Bank Stadium and all its glory? The first event isn't for a couple months now and waiting to see the brand new facility can prove difficult. Well, even before actually attending an event there  you have an opportunity to take a tour! On Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24, the New Minnesota Vikings home will be opened to the general public for tours. The best part? Admission is free! However, a ticket is required for the tour so that they can limit the number of people in the stadium. Tickets are available by the hour. There is a limit of six tickets per household. They can be obtained...

A Wonderful Getaway From the Busy Cities

Willow Falls - Courtesy of Forrest McCullough

Summer has finally come to Minnesota. The sun burns late in the day and green has crawled out of the darkness to cover the trees again. Parks are filled with eager children. Beaches are occupied by van-loads of families. The swooshing noises of the boats buzzing past each other on the lakes are accompanied by the gleeful barking of the family dog.

Summer means a lot of different things to many people but for the people of Minnesota it is truly a special time. For maybe just a couple or few months out of the year Minnesotans are delivered from the icy darkness of winter into the joyous embrace...