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Movie Review -- 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' is a Dinosaur Disaster

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is just short of a flat out failure -- it’s only marginally better than Jurassic Park III, which is an awful, awful film. Even despite this, lock in this fifth chapter to rake in out of this world profits. 

This movie will be adored by domestic audiences and is almost definitely a not-soon-to-be-extinct franchise. After the screening I attended earlier this week, the audience clapped and cheered once the credits rolled — walking out, everyone was buzzing and chatting with praise of the film. Given my knowledge of American...

When Your Wildest Dreams Come True -- Call The Powerball Lawyer! 

Updated January 2020:

The wacky lottery streak that we covered in 2018-- continues in eastern Florida! While Minnesota offers scratch off games with “modest payouts” up to $200,000 the latest trend in Florida is scratch offs paying up to $15 million. A $15 million recipient and 3 other scratch-off winners have recently wandered into the same attorney office we visited in this article. 

The Powerball Lawyer

Kurt Panouses is reclining in a chaise lounge alongside his pool in Melbourne Beach Florida. The panorama reveals...

Movie Review - As Ridiculous and Funny as the First, 'Deadpool 2' Also Has a Surprising Amount of Heart

Despite its meta, fourth-wall breaking, slapstick, raunchy, and silly humor, Deadpool 2 insists its a family movie with a whole lot of heart. The joke, of course, is in the contradiction. Like its predecessor, this movie makes fun of everything, everyone, even itself, all in an attempt to get a laugh out of the audience. Needless to say, Deadpool is a cynical hero in a cynical age, but he doesn’t want us to be like him. He wants us to be better than him. Much of that motivation may sound corny, but it plays out fairly well in the story. Still, its noble effort...