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Movie Review -- 'MIB: International' is the Death of "Galaxy Defenders"

I’m starting to pick up on what I believe to be the ‘Sony Pictures Formula’ for rebooting a property. It’s on full display here in MIB International, but you can see hints of it in the still-Sony adjacent Spider-Man Far From Home, and interviews with Paul Feig post-Ghostbusters Answer The Call reveal that it would have been used for the sequel to that film as well.

The formula goes something like this - start with a Columbia Pictures IP that is generally defined by its connection to New York City. Take the action...

Lock’em Up! How Northwest Airlines Sent Administration Officials to Jail for Contempt of Congress

The story sounds eerily familiar: a new party in power in Congress; a special Congressional committee investigating collusion and top administrative operatives refusing to cooperate or testify. No, this is not the maelstrom of today’s House Judiciary Committee and the highly publicized subpoena absences of Attorney General William Barr or White House Counsel Don McGahn.

These were the nascent days of the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, mired in the depths of the Great Depression. In 1933, FDR’s...

Movie Review -- 'Rocketman' is a Masterful and Wonderfully Unique Biopic of Elton John

Way back when I reviewed 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody, I mentioned how behind-the-scenes drama during the production of that film resulted in Rocketman’s director, Dexter Fletcher, taking over for Bryan Singer uncredited. Considering Bohemian Rhapsody was an enjoyable but confused and unambitious rock biopic, I was interested to see Fletcher’s Rocketman to see how well he took on telling a tale about a brilliant musician who rises to fame, falls onto bad times, and deals with hiding themselves from a world not quite ready for who they really are.

The answer, as it turns out, is way, way better....