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Amazon Acquires Twitch for Nearly $1 billion

Amazon buys Twitch

Wholesaler, tech giant and Kindle-maker Amazon made a $970 million dollar acquisition of video game live-streaming website Twitch last Monday. Twitch is a website devoted to allowing video gamers to live-stream themselves playing video games so others can watch and share the experience. They have even pushed for some unique practices, including playing and finishing games such as Pokémon as a community (which is so awesome).
“Like Twitch, we obsess over customers and like...

HBO Developing Series Called “Stillwater” -- Other Minnesota Places That Should Get TV or Movie Treatment


It was recently announced that HBO is developing a new TV series set in Stillwater, according to Deadline. It will be directed by Howie Deutch who will serve as executive producer along with Colin Farrell and Mark Steven Johnson who will take on writing duties. The one-hour drama will center around a New York City cop whose life “spirals out of control when he relocates his family to a small town in Minnesota.” Stillwater isn’t the first town in Minnesota...

The Benefits of Detox Water

benefits of detox water

You know that rule that says you should drink eight glasses of water a day? While very important, it isn’t always fun or easy. Many people don’t like the taste of water or drinking a lot of it can become boring. Luckily, there is an another way to get your eight glasses a day and not hate doing it. Try detox water! Detox water has been the talk of the summer. It is said to be a great waist slimmer and very beneficial to the body while flushing out harmful toxins. Some of the most popular detox water recipes include watermelon, which helps filter the liver and kidneys; lemon which regulates...

Blake Shelton Keeps It Country With New Single “Neon Light”

shelton - neon lights

Blake Shelton is back with the first single off his upcoming album, Bringing Back The Sunshine, which is due out September 30. The song is “Neon Light” and if you’ve enjoyed the kind of music he’s put out so far, then the chances are pretty good that you’ll be turning this one up as well. While the song’s drum beat seems to be influenced by hip-hop, no one is going to mistake this for anything other than a country song. Actually, it’s probably one of the more traditional-leaning country songs that have come out so far this year, but that shouldn’t surprise Shelton’s fans at...

Andrew Wiggins Ready to Take Over Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball

kevin love-traded As we say goodbye to Kevin Love (or good riddance), we also say hello to some new Timberpups, most importantly, Andrew Wiggins. When I first heard about Andrew Wiggins while he was still in high school, possibly even middle school, I thought he was just going be another hype job, a kid who was heralded at a young age to be the next whoever much in the way two-time Timberwolves player Sebastian Telfair was. “The next LeBron James” was a big title for Wiggins to be handed at such a young age, but...

Minnesota United FC Continue Their Eleven Game Hot Streak

mn united FC

The Minnesota United extended their eleven game NASL unbeaten streak Saturday against the Cosmos in New York by tying 1-1. The spring season champion United are now in second place on the table for the fall season, only one point behind San Antonio -- the squad is still atop the combined standings for both spring and fall.

A huge part of the lead and streak has been striker Christian Ramirez, who is currently on a five-game scoring streak in North American Soccer League games. Ramirez leads both the team and the entire league in goals with 13. He also leads the team with five assists.


George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb Delve Out Advice on Writing Fantasy

GRR Martin - Robin Hobb

When I snatched a ticket to see George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb in 'Conversation at the Freemasons’ Hall in London, England, I could barely contain my excitement. Though I’m not familiar with Robin Hobb’s work, I’ve been a fan of the Game of Thrones television series for years and I’ve been powering through the novels by George R.R. Martin as quickly as I can, unable to put them down. I’m also an aspiring fantasy writer -- so the chance to see Mr. Martin, who is swiftly becoming one of my all-time favorite authors, speak felt like the opportunity of a lifetime. And I was not disappointed. Martin and Hobb touched on the positive and negative...

Como Zoo Adds Two Polar Bears

polar bears added to como zoo

Just as the Timberwolves are acquiring players, the Como Zoo in St. Paul is going to be adding two white fluff-balls to its wealth of animals and newly-born babies. These fluff-balls, typically referred to as polar bears, are two-year-old twins Sakari and Suka who were originally born in the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. The bears will be joining Como Zoo’s Polar Bear Odyssey, which is four times larger than the previous exhibit for the world’s largest land predator.

Recap of the 2014 'Summer Set Music Festival'

10557753_679463705483193_8882314326992995903_o One of the greatest things of our time is the exponential growth of music festivals. A few years back I watched a documentary on Woodstock. It covered the set up, the music, the finances, and the 400,000 Woodstock attendees. I remember thinking how cool an experience like that would be. And now our generation is lucky enough to have music festivals popping up around the world, creating weekends spent united in music and love. One of these music festivals happens to be a skip and a jump from the Twin Cities set in Somerset, Wisconsin. ...