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Scotland Pushes For Independence From the UK

scotland independence

By this time tomorrow, the future might look very different for the United Kingdom. Today, Scottish voters decided whether to end Scotland’s 300 year union with England and Northern Ireland.  Polls in Scotland were open until 10:00 PM Scottish time (or 4:00 PM Central Time), and millions of citizens have shown up to cast their ballots. The results of the election are expected early Friday morning. The issue has sparked sharp controversy over the future of Scotland.  
Why Independence?
The Yes Campaign — the Scottish movement to separate...

Movie Review -- 'Tusk' is Creepy, Funny, and Always Amusing

TUSK-movie review

Tusk was first mentioned as an ad in the UK-based classified site Gumtree as a plant for Kevin Smith by poet-prankster Chris Parkinson, further elaborated upon in episode 259 of Smith’s SModcast in 2013, and voted into production via the #WalrusYes Twitter campaign shortly thereafter -- the Clerks veteran’s newest effort as feature writer/director proves just as hilariously ridiculous as its premise wants you to believe. Nationally popular podcaster...

Gopher Men's Basketball Lands Big Recruit

jarvis johnson

The NIT Champion Golden Gophers basketball team is trying to replace graduated guards Maverick Ahanmisi, Malik Smith and most significantly NIT Most Valuable Player Austin Hollins. They are on their way after signing Minnesota’s own Jarvis Johnson, a point guard from DeLaSalle in Minneapolis. At a shade over 6-feet tall and 175 pounds, Johnson will have to play big to keep up in the Big Ten’s rough and rowdy conference. After head coach Richard Pitino’s hiring last year, he was working quickly to catch up to the...

Autumn and the Beauty it Brings

Autumn leaves

I love autumn. I think it’s my favorite season. Autumn reminds me of hunting season, football season, and the Twin Cities Marathon season. It’s also almost perfect weather-wise. The air is crisp in the morning, warm by midday then chilled and still by evening. But one thing I love more than all of the above, one thing that makes me happy to live in this state above all else, the changing colors of the trees. I ran the Twin Cities Marathon last year and the scenery...

'Die Antwoord' @ Myth Live


When the first song a group performs, has the lines "DJ Hi-Tek will f*** you in the a**" it sets a very distinctive tone for the rest of the show. The DJ of course wears a grotesquely deformed costume face mask the entire show. That is of course following the opening visuals of someone with progeria under the cloak of some gloomy chanting. Of course if you at a Die Antwoord show, you're likely very aware of what to expect. And if you somehow stumbled into the Myth last night on a whim, on a Sunday even, I hope you find get the resources you need to heal. ...

Minneapolis Makes Room For Small Public Parks

parklets in minneapolis

If you happened to be driving around Minneapolis today by three specific street-side locations, you might have noticed the absence of a parking space and the addition of a "parklet." The city unveiled their first three "parklets" today, very small, portable public parks that feature plants, tables and chairs for neighbors to gather. The spaces are open to the public and are placed in commercial areas where people can feel comfortable spending time getting to know their neighbors. These tiny parks have made appearances in both New York and San Francisco. These spots obviously don't have life in the...

'Feed Me' @ First Avenue


There are light shows, and then there is Teeth. Teeth is the face (really just teeth) of DJ Jonathan Gooch, otherwise known as Feed Me. Feed Me with Teeth is a show to be watched just as much as it is to hear. The music is bass heavy, dubstep, and electro, but all round dance-able.

Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey tour stopped by First Ave in support of the new EP of the same name.


'The Replacements' @ Midway Stadium


Did you hear The Replacements played at Midway Stadium on Saturday night? If you didn't, I'm not sure how you avoided the news. Just in case you missed it though, one of Minneapolis's most celebrated local bands recently regrouped to play their first hometown gig in 23 years.

Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson, the two original members, along with Josh Freese and David Minehan pulled together a very memorable and polished show for the sold out Midway Stadium crowd.


Minnesota Vikings Week 2 - Review, Preview and Talking Points

Peterson greatest viking of all time

In my semi-professional opinion, nobody in Viking-land wants to read about the 30-7 route of our beloved team this past Sunday. Other than the painful reminder of how underwhelming the men in purple are without their star running-back, the game helped to put optimism on hold (and the bandwagon keys back in the drawer).
Adrian Peterson Apologizes
In a statement to the public...