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Movie Review -- 'The Predator' is Another Poor Attempt at Rebooting a Franchise

I’ll be upfront with my sins against the obsession with everything 80s and 90s - I’ve never seen Predator or Predator 2. I’ve gleaned that the important lines are “Get to the choppa!” and “You’re one ugly m-fer” from growing up surrounded by pop culture, and I’m at least familiar with the original premise being “It’s The Most Dangerous Game… but with aliens.” So director Shane Black’s The Predator could be a perfect follow-up to those original films, and that would have been lost on me. I’m sorry.

I have, however, seen Predators, the 2010 entry...

Movie Review -- 'Peppermint' is a Forgettable Revenge Flick

Peppermint is a frustrating film. Not because of a dense plot, or an unconventional, challenging ending, but because it inadvertently teases better movies as it speeds along down well driven roads.

To start with, we’re introduced to Riley North (Jennifer Garner) as she dispatches a man in a parked car. The opening titles start, with a montage of Los Angeles’ condo towers juxtaposed with the tents and shopping carts of Skid Row. I wasn’t expecting social commentary in this action movie, but hey, I’m game.

Riley’s barely stapled herself back together...

When Tennis Seduced America 

40 years ago the cover of Time Magazine blared: “Sex and Tennis”. In many major cities, tennis mixers served as the of the era. At Lakeshore Racquet Club in Chicago, Friday and Saturday nights were reserved as swinger nights, where seven bucks got you into a mixer with three couples on one court, ensuring you had plenty of time to court your partners. Life Time Athletic in Eden Prairie (formerly Flagship) offered the same mixer opportunities with their own bar just steps away. Noted fashion designer Oleg Cassini was riding a tidal wave of tennis clothing sales when he told Time:  “90 percent of the men who play tennis with women are...