Movie Review -- 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' is a Fun Flick for All Ages


Mr. Peabody & Sherman released this past Friday and I was fortunate enough to see an early screening of the film, at a theater packed with excited audience members of all ages. I was even more fortunate to conduct an exclusive interview with the director of the film, Rob Minkoff, who gave me some insights on his latest project. But to be honest, before being asked to work on this project I had no real interest in seeing the film. I saw plenty of billboards and commercials, but I tend to think over-advertising is done in desperation. I do enjoy animated films (I had gone to see Frozen in theaters, and loved it), and despite my initial lack of interest, Mr. Peabody & Sherman turned out to be a treat. Can a dog be a dad? A good dad? Well, maybe not just any dog, but if you’re a talking dog who is a scientist, inventor, a Nobel Prize winner, and the recipient of two Olympic medals, you might have a chance. mr-peabody-sherman-movie review When seven-year-old Sherman gets teased at school by Penny, things get barkingly out of control. What was a small quarrel between two classmates turns into a debate about Mr. Peabody’s ability to parent. When Mr. Peabody invites over Penny, her parents and a social worker to clear things up, Sherman reveals the secret WABAC (wayback) machine to Penny in an effort to impress her. The WABAC soon malfunctions, and now literally lost in time, Penny, Sherman, and Mr. Peabody must figure out how to get back home. Since I admitted I wasn’t too psyched up to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman, I can say I was surprised about my overall enjoyment and appreciation for the film. I find myself watching movies and constantly thinking, “Okay this scene can be done now, we get the point” -- but there never was an instance where I was thinking that during this animated film's duration. The scenes were well-paced, completed their purpose and moved onto the next adventure. This helped me stay captivated during whole movie, never wondering or thinking about the progression dragging on. Mr. Peabody, Sherman, and Penny were the only characters in the film who had much depth to them. They were comical in many regards, yes, but I was pleased to see each had worries, feelings, and moral flaws -- even the exemplary Mr. Peabody. The complementary characters were quite hilarious, but were also one-dimensional. Despite their simple nature, they always remained charismatic in their idiocracy. Film Review Mr Peabody & Sherman All jokes were appropriate for children and many had adult-humor undertones. This helps the film appeal to both parents and their kids. There were a couple reoccurring jokes throughout the film that didn’t even make me smirk -- despite that, the missed humor didn't take away from the film’s overall quality. If you had any interest to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman, whether because you have kids or you were a fan of the original, you will certainly not be disappointed. The film was fun, energetic and had me smiling the whole time. It truly is a film for all ages. Recommendation: If you have kids or are simply feeling spontaneous, go see the film.   Photos via: Google  

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