Second 'Nelson's Ice Cream' Headed to St. Paul

Nelson's Ice Cream - Second Location - St. Paul For those ice cream lovers like myself, one of the best places to get ice cream in the state of Minnesota, Nelson's Ice Cream, is expanding to a second location. Nelson's Ice Cream, which has been a Stillwater fixture since 1923, will now be serving too much ice cream to St. Paul patrons. In case you've never been to Nelson's, their child scoop, even in a waffle cone, is a mountain of ice cream that will daunt any amateur ice cream eater. The second St. Paul location will open on May 17th and will be located on 454 S. Snelling Avenue. Co-owners Dave Najarian and Bill Bergstrom have owned the original location for eight years, keeping the ice cream tradition alive and well in Stillwater. Now, with the success of the location, they plan to expand their ice cream empire to St. Paul.
"We have had the pleasure of ensuring that the historic ice cream store remained operating in Stillwater," Najarian said."We are excited to expand to St. Paul so more people can enjoy the variety, quality and value of our ice cream that Nelson's has consistently provided for more than 90 years."

Nelson's Ice Cream - St. Paul Location

In case you can't wait until May 17th, the Stillwater location opened this past weekend. But be wary, a line out the door and a long wait is commonplace -- that's part of the experience of getting Nelson's Ice Cream. If so many people are willing to wait, clearly it's worth the time spent in line. From personal experience, the wait is very much worth the cold treat. The ice cream is delicious, and with over 40 flavors to choose from, you can't go wrong with your options. Just make sure you bring someone to share all the ice cream with (Nelson's makes for a great date) -- eating it all on your own usually leads to brain freeze and a stomach ache.   Photos via: Nelson's Ice Cream  

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