New Game - The Drowning Simulator

Sortie_En_Mer In an effort to get people to wear life jackets, Guy Cotton (the foul weather and safety clothing brand) has created a simulator that lets the player experience all that drowning entails. The game, A Trip Out to Sea follows the story of two men on a boat. Both have neglected their life-jackets, and one's perspective is followed by the player. This character is knocked overboard, while the other is unable to turn the boat around and save him. Players have to constantly scroll to make the player character stay afloat, an action picked specifically for how quickly people tire of it. When the player eventually gives up, the message "At sea, you tire faster than you think," shows up. "[It] makes people sense and experience what it feels like to drown, in the hope of making life jackets a natural reflex." the game's teaser surmises. I don't know about you, but that does not sound like a game I want to play.   Photo via:

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