New Scenic Park in Line for Stillwater

Stillwater, MN In contrast to Minneapolis' new "parklets," a 15-acre acquisition by Washington County and Stillwater will be used for a new park along the St. Croix River after the sale closes later this year, according to the Pioneer Press. The site is privately held by Elayne Aiple and has been in her care after her husband Frank's death in 2000. The couple lived on the property since the 1960's and owned a towing company south of Stillwater. Aiple wanted the land to be used by the public although her lawyer stated that the property was valued at more than the acquisition price ($4.3 million). She will be able to live in her home on the land for the next five years, according to the agreement. The land happens to be directly connected to another public project. The six-mile Brown's Creek Trail, which opens next month, will connect downtown Stillwater to the 18-mile Gateway State Trail. The city will own the land starting in 2015 and return it to a natural state as a public park while the county holds a conservation easement on the property in order to achieve certain conservation purposes. With nearly three-quarters of a mile of shoreline in the as-of-yet unnamed park, administrators told the Pioneer Press it will be a great place for bikers to rest alongside the trail.   Photo by: Aaron Landry  

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