Newspaper Medium Continues to Falter -- Star Tribune Will Now Print Pioneer Press

Pioneer Press - Star Tribune - Join - Printing - Factory Shut Down

Yes, you read that right. The Star Tribune will now print rival Pioneer Press newspapers at their Minneapolis plant. The move by Pioneer Press will shut down their St. Paul plant and cost some 170 full-time and part-time workers their jobs. The Pioneer Press Publisher Guy Gilmore states the move will not affect any of the products offered or the delivery of the paper which has been in existence for 164 years. He also says this is not the first step towards a merger of the two papers. Digital First Media, parent of the Pioneer Press, plans on selling off the St. Paul plant -- the newspaper not only says they will save money with the move, but they will also have better color quality and capacity. Star Tribune must have some top of the line printing equipment. This is not the first time two local papers have combined production -- just two weeks ago The Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star Telegram made the same business decision. This just goes to show the state of the physical news source. The concept of reading a paper is getting lost on more and more Americans -- a good RSS feed and my Twitter account is more than enough for me. The newspaper continues to trend down, and this is just the latest example. As the Common Man Dan Cole would say, "Fish Wrap East" is now being printed by "Fish Wrap West." Photo via: MinnPost FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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