NFL's New Bag Policy is Drastic -- Especially For the Female Football Fans

New NFL Bag Policy

The Vikings home opener is tomorrow -- with that in mind, if you or anyone you know is going to the game, please pass this information along to them. The NFL has taken a drastic step to ensure safety at their stadiums in 2013 and on. With all the chaos in the world, shootings, bombings, etc., the NFL is getting crazy strict, no longer allowing women (and men?) to bring in what many would consider a typical purse. While the policy affects everyone, clearly this new rule does not affect the sexes equally. Women for the most part carry the banned bags, and with these new rules, most purses are banned, along with seat cushions, and even diaper bags. If fans show up with banned bags, stadiums are allowed to turn those patrons away. Yes, seriously. Some stadiums allow prohibited bags to be closely inspected at another specified location -- but it clearly is highly recommended to not go through that type of headache, as you might simply be turned away instead of getting to watch the Vikings take on an opponent at the Metrodome -- er, Mall of America Field, excuse me. But keep in mind, fans are allowed to carry in one gallon plastic freezer bags! They are stylish, and practical -- fans no longer have to worry about their stuff getting wet locked away in those chic carrying cases. For more information about this issue, check out the Vikings website where they outline all questions you might have about the new policy. Image via: FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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