Nostalgia Video Gaming Announcement - Pokemon Week!

Pokemonweekbanner One of the first ever video games I owned was Pokemon Ruby Version. But even then, my fanaticism for that franchise began elsewhere. I loved the show and the movies, and while it took forever for me to actually get a video game, I ate up whatever Pokemon stuff I could. And now it all adds up to this: Pokemon Week! For my final hurrah of Nostalgia Video Gaming, I will be spending a whole entire week looking at the various adaptations of the colorful Nintendo video game franchise: Pokemon. Since this is 'video gaming,' I won't be going into the show or movies, but that still leaves way too much to talk about. There are mainline games, spin-offs, remakes, oh so much fun. So, if you're in for it, join me for a week of Pokemon nostalgia!   Photo via: Pokemon fans, compiled by Kevin Winge  

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