Original Kandinsky Painting Featured in Winona

Kandinsky - Minnesota Marine Art Museum - Winona The renowned artist Wassily Kandinsky has been making a permanent home in Winona. The Winona Daily News has the full report:
The Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona is home to a growing number of American and European modern masterpieces, including an enchanting, early painting by Wassily Kandinsky, an influential Russian painter and art theorist. Kandinsky is responsible for painting some of the world’s first purely abstract paintings, and the museum’s piece, “Rapallo, Boote,” from 1905, is a reflection of the beginnings of the artist’s quest to explore spirituality utilizing only color and form. In recognition of this piece, the museum will host a talk, “Wassily Kandinsky: Towards Abstraction,” led by Winona State University art historian Adrian Barr from 6 to 7 pm Wednesday. It is free and open to the public. If Kandinsky and his work, or abstract art in general appeal to you, traveling to Winona will be well worth it. Winona is perhaps the hidden gem of the Minnesota arts community.
Kandinsky's work has also been featured at the Walker Arts Center and Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He has also been a major influence for many local artists, according to the Twin Cities art database ArtConnected.   Photo via: Google  

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