Paleontologists Make Shocking Discovery in Argentina

Diplodocid_skelleton Scientist have never found evidence of diplodocid dinosaurs (long neck and whip tail, like the diplodocus) existing into the Cretaceous period, or in South America. That is, until now. Digging in the Bajada Colorada, a Cretaceous rock formation in Patagonia, paleontologists found deteriorated dinosaur remains. These remains were thought little of until more extensive research and cleaning were performed, where it was discovered the bones belonged to a diplodocid dinosaur. "Diplodocids were never certainly recognized from the Cretaceous or in any other southern land mass besides Africa," the researchers wrote. Many experts in diplodocids and other sauropods have adjusted the dates for diplodocid evolution and extinction. Many are assuming the range of these dinosaur's existence to be much longer.   Photo via: Wikipedia  

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