Patina is a Twin Cities Store You Need to See For Yourself


Patina is a Minnesota-based chain of shops which sell everything from odd iPhone stands to mugs shaped like owls. This past Saturday, I found myself strolling around it for hours trying to take in all of the little novelty items inside. There are several locations in the Twin Cities and after visiting two of the stops in the St. Paul area, it’s clear why the store is such a local success. Though the items may ome with a higher price, the shop has the perfect gift for absolutely any type of person for any occasion. When first walking into the store, you’re met with the sounds of Florence and the Machine and the smell of Peacock Hand & Body Lotion (you’d be surprise by how good a peacock can smell). The store is rather small, but a person could spend an hour in one section looking at all of the strange yet adorable items the store holds. This store has supplies for bath time, work time, spring cleaning, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and many other occasions. You often find yourself staring at an item saying, “I never thought of that!” This is the spot where I did my Father's Day shopping, and let me say, this is certainly the place to go. No matter if your dad is the outdoorsy type, an in-home chef, or just a plain goofball, any gift from Patina is guaranteed to make him laugh and feel loved. Needless to say, my dad certainly enjoyed his flexible grill skewers and “Outwitting Squirrels” book.

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