Picturesque Ice Skating -- Centennial Lakes Park

Centennial Lakes Park - Ice Skating - Minnesota - Winter

One of winter’s most delightful activities is ice skating. It can turn a cold winter day into a blast of fun and excitement, especially in the Twin Cities, where there are numerous indoor and outdoor rinks. However, one stands out among the rest. In Edina lies a beautiful area known as Centennial Lakes Park. During the summer, the park consists of a long pond, beautiful trees and gardens, and gazebos. Placed in a business district, this park is a refreshing breath of nature in the midst of a city. During the winter, it is transformed into a stunning winter haven every day from noon to 9:30 pm. The entire pond freezes, and gives you the opportunity to skate throughout the entire park, which is divided into three sections: North Park, Central Park, and South Park. Lights adorn the parks bridges and gazebos, illuminating the pond along with the buildings around it, which provide their own stunning illumination. Central Park plays classical music to skate to, and the warm house offers refreshments so you may happily take breaks to warm up.

Minnesota Winters - Ice Skating - Centennial Lakes Park

The best part of Centennial Lakes Park: it’s free! You can skate as long as you want throughout the park free of charge, but only if you bring your own skates. However, if you don’t have skates, fear not, for the price to rent is only $6 per person. They offer hockey skates and figure skates for rent. For more information, visit: Photos via: Leah Putz  

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