President Obama Coming to the Twin Cities

Lake Harriet Bandshell Summer - Brian Moen

President Obama is making a two day trip to Minneapolis and Bloomington at the end of this week. The trip's plan previously comprised of only a fundraiser but it has ballooned out into a Minnehaha Park town hall-style event on Thursday and a public speech at the Lake Harriet Bandshell on Friday morning. One of the major reasons for the trip's expansion has been a letter written by a Minneapolitan woman named 'Rebekah.' She outlined her struggles to the president (who has a habit of reading ten letters from citizens a day) pointing to the fact that wages are not keeping up with expenses for middle class Americans. Obama is now on his way to have a personal meeting with Rebekah (part of his trip) to show how his policies will help her and others in her position (and will also likely explain why those pesky Republicans in Congress are getting in the way of his help). It's all explained in a Youtube video. The precise details of the Lake Harriet event have not been given, but it has been announced that tickets will be available to the public at the Bandshell starting at noon on Wednesday (tomorrow). One ticket will be allowed per person (the place will be packed, thus limited tickets) and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. This trip is said to be the kickoff to a summer's worth of days-in-the-life visits across the country: a well-planned strategy considering the surplus of big picture quandaries stifling the POTUS and his agenda recently. Could this be a change in genre or style? Political fiction becoming slice-of-life perhaps?   Photo by: Brian Moen

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