Ramsey County Offers Organic Waste Drop-Off Sites

Real_Compost Residents of Ramsey County now have the option of taking "going green" one step further by recycling their organic waste into compost for plants. The program is accepting food waste, non-recyclable paper and compostable plastics with no charge to residents. The waste can be dropped off at one of six Ramsey County yard waste sites, including ones in St. Paul, Arden Hills, Moundsview and White Bear. All organic waste from the sites will then be taken to an organics composting site where it will be turned into soil amendments. The program accepts a variety of items that cannot be composted in average backyard set-ups, such as compostable plastics. Accepted items include bones, meat, dairy, greasy pizza boxes, paper freezer boxes, lint and cotton balls. While all residents are can participate in this program, businesses are not eligible.   Photo via: Wikipedia  

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