Residents Take to Twitter to #BragMpls

Minneapolis - #bragmpls

Straying slightly from our Minnesota Nice mantra, Minneapolis residents have spent the week boasting about their city, using #BragMpls on Twitter. This uncharacteristic showboating was started by Mayor Hodges in an attempt to create a full week of bragging about Minneapolis. Minneapolis citizens have taken up the call, bragging about the All-Star game, local restaurants, bars, fun places to visit and beautiful parks. To further encourage people, Mayor Hodges has developed a Bragging Challenge. This is a list of things to do and places to visit within the city. The person or team who completes the most items on the list wins a lunch with Mayor Hodges. The list includes everything from visiting a donut shop (I recommend Glam Doll Donuts) to riding the Green Line from end to end. Not everyone feels there's a lot to brag about. Some have criticized Mayor Hodges' campaign, saying a brag fest overlooks the serious problems Minneapolis is facing, including recent violence. City Council President Barbara Johnson, who represents the north side, will not participate in the Brag Week. She told Star Tribune she would be criticized for bragging about the city while her constituents listened to gun shots. Criticism, however, has not stopped the tweets. The hashtag has even made its way across the river, inspiring a #BragSTP for St. Paul.   Photo via: Erik B   

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