RiverSouth Hopes to Bring Tourism to Scott County


Step aside North Shore and Wisconsin Dells, there's a new travel destination trying to make a name for itself. The new "RiverSouth" is a collaboration between Scott County cities Shakopee and Prior Lake and the area's main site attractions: The Renaissance Festival, Valleyfair, Mystic Lake Casino and Canterbury Park. The new campaign has dubbed the RiverSouth area as the Land of Big Fun. The group hopes to brand itself as a place to get away and enjoy yourself, without having to travel far. The focus of the campaign is to bring in more local visitors in addition to those from out of town. It highlights not only the entertainment provided by the four companies, but the outdoors as well: lakes, the river valley and beautiful trails and parks. Though these four attractions see more than 10 million visitors each year, Scott County is still only ranked sixth in the metro area for tourism. Many people visit these attractions individually, but do not put them together as one place to go and visit. The first part of the movement started with mail and email (with coupons) to current customers. The second phase will focus on more widespread publicity through social media, ads and billboards. The origins of this campaign started back when Canterbury Park and Mystic Lake Casino entered into an agreement to boost each other's business. As a resident of the newly dubbed RiverSouth, I can vouch for this area's appeal. I've manage to keep my nanny kids entertained all day long at Valleyfair, and can find enjoyment for myself at Mystic Lake and Canterbury. The best part though, is the outdoors. Prior Lake, though its on a no wake restriction right now, is the perfect place to soak up the sun and enjoy the lakes of Minnesota. I'm proud to see my hometown getting some well-deserved attention.   Photo via: Insipidlife  

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