Salvation Army Receives $500k Donation in Red Kettle


Around the holiday season, you can hardly go into a retail store without seeing someone in a red apron ringing a bell in front of a red Salvation Army kettle. The donation buckets have become synonymous with the Christmas season -- while many make it a point to drop some dollar bills or coins in the bucket, very few of us (or none) could ever match the donation the Salvation Army got last week. A $500,000 check was written out to the Salvation Army and dropped into the donation kettle at a Rosemount Cub Foods. Not surprising, the donation was the single largest ever made in the Twin Cities. While the Salvation Army knows the identity of the donors, the charitable couple wished to remain anonymous to the public. The donors hoped their big chunk of change would inspire others to be charitable this holiday season. It's always good to have a reminder to be charitable after days like Black Friday where people lose themselves and go crazy over sales on consumer goods. Most of us cannot give $500,000 to any charity -- but that doesn't mean we cannot give what we can, donate our time to others or help in other ways.   Photo courtesy of: Salvation Army    

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