St. Paul's 'Urban Flower Field' Set to Grow Plentiful Gardens of Flowers

urban flower field - st paul

For decades the Pedro luggage business sat on the corners of Jackson and 10th Street downtown Saint Paul. However, the building which was erected in the 1960s was torn down in 2008. The land was donated by the Pedro family to Saint Paul with plans to build a park. Now sits an art-park-project for all those who pass by to enjoy. From the Pedro Luggage Building to Pedro Park, it is currently, but temporarily home to an art installation project named Urban Flower Field. It is managed by Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, and Public Art Saint Paul. The Urban Flower Field will include 96 plots of flowers in 8 different spirals creating a Fibonacci sequence. There are plenty of benches serving the park as a great place to hold conversations or simply relax.

urban flower field

Although still in the making, the Urban Flower Field is to be an area for community movies, concerts, and gatherings. Although flowers are still to be planted, the spiral is in full and all are welcome to enjoy. The Urban Flower Field is a temporary project. It might stick around for a year or two, but be sure to check it out before it moves out of the way for future permanent plans.   Images via: Urban Flower Field  

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