Academy Awards

“Amen and Alright Alright Alright” -- McConaughey's Inspiring Look on Life

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We spend endless amounts of time searching, “pinning,” and longing for material aspirations. The immaculate home paired with the perfect organization system, the trendy hair-do along with most desirable wardrobe to match, how to color coordinate EVERYTHING (literally). A (seemingly) never-ending amount of information is available for any whim of possibility. It is more than an understatement to say it is easy to become wrapped up in our world wide web. If we are honest, we would also say we spend far too much time there. If we spent as much time cultivating...

The 86th Academy Awards -- Did This Gala Restore My Hope in Award Shows?

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"Hopefully the Oscars in March will restore what little hope is left in award show entertainment." This was the last line in my January article about the Grammy's -- I was left a little less than impressed with the music awards show. I won't belabor the points, but if you want a refresher, click the link above. So, with a mixture of excitement and worry, I sat on the couch with my wife and a pizza on Sunday evening and turned on the Oscars -- what I witnessed was astounding. Ellen Degeneres...