Al Franken

McCain v. Franken in Vikings' Pregame Skit

franken vs. mccain

The Vikings' Blair Wlash made a game-tying field goal as time expired in regulation... While Thursday night's game against the Cardinals ended in typical Vikings heartache, it started with a clever skit involving two high profile government officials. Arizona Senator John McCain and our very own Senator Al Franken joined Bob Schieffer to parody a segment of Face the (Football) Nation during the intro for the NFL...

Minnesota Politics 2014: Where are the Debates? Where's the Drama?

Al franken - 2014 Minnesota elections

Some Minnesotans might be surprised to hear that we're at the brink of a major political storm. A slow stream of articles have touched on some of the races sprouting from the August primaries, but a full-scale clash (annoying TV ads, smear campaigns, debates, etc.) between the parties is still on hold. The building pressure will likely result in short but sharply negative contests. One of the major reasons...