All Star Weekend

All-Star Weekend Plays Host to Plenty of Fun and Excitement


Sunday of All-Star week at Target Field yielded less baseball stars than Tuesday’s game, but it didn’t lack fun or star power of a different sort. On a beautiful day, with celebrities of all kinds waiting to play softball and prospects from around the minor leagues, there was no better place to be for a baseball fan. The future of baseball was on full display as the young prospects of baseball took the field in a matchup of the U.S. versus the World. The U.S. earned one run in the first inning, but left the bases loaded when Cubs infield prospect Kris Bryant flew out to end the inning. On the World team, Twins minor league first base prospect Kennys Vargas...

The Minnesota Twins Greatest Ambassador: Tony Oliva

Pedro 'Tony' Oliva

It was grainy and certainly not in HD. A faint black and white figure with the familiar Twins script across his chest was at the plate swinging the bat from the left side -- slowly, a wider shot showed Bloomington’s Metropolitan Stadium with the formidable Bob Gibson on the mound. The hazy screen showed it was the bottom of the 9th inning and the American League was losing the 1965 All-Star Game 6 - 5.

I was disappointed I hadn’t seen the entire game as it was rebroadcast on Fox Sports North, but my focus was now on the 26-year-old Tony Oliva. Suddenly his bat moved with lightning speed through...

Justin Morneau Returns to Target Field

justin morneau - rockies

If you haven’t heard, the All-Star Game is coming to Target Field and Justin Morneau will be in tow. Morneau has done everything he could to be part of the actual game by posting a .313 batting average, a fine .509 SLG%, and 100 hits this season -- but despite those numbers, it was not to be. Other lesser players were chosen (I see you Charlie Blackmon).

Morneau was involved in a dynamic hashtag battle on Twitter against Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs trying to be the fans choice for the final All-Star slot, but he finishing a disappointing second. But...

What To Do On All-Star Weekend

All Star Weekend This upcoming weekend will mark the third time the Twin Cities have hosted the MLB All-Star events. Tickets for the main events like the game and the Home Run Derby are still available on individual ticketing sites, for those willing to pay a price. While you may be lucky enough to find tickets to the All-Star game for around $200, most extend up to and above $2,000. Similarly, prices for the Home Run Derby extend up until the thousands. If you're not willing to pay that much for a ticket, there are other ways you can still participate in the All-Star festivities.

Friday, July 11

Movie Night:

Target Field Station will...