Amelia Earhart

Five Minneapolis Flights That Changed History

The Aviator

Northwest Airline’s executives went to bed downtrodden on July 14, 1938. Their plans to meet and refuel Howard Hughes’ twin engine monoplane at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport had been dashed when his crew wired that they would land in Winnipeg instead. And this wasn’t just any old pit stop — this was the last stop on Hughes record-shattering round-the-world speed race. His previous stop was Fairbanks and Hughes was streaking more than 3 days ahead of Wiley Post’s previous world record.  

To make matters worse,...

Crash Wreckage and Fresh Evidence of a Minnesotan’s Courage


A piece of fuselage combed from a remote beach. Toiletry items, jars and a knife sent back to the laboratory for verification, while families and friends skeptically reject the evidence. A modern day Malaysia Air drama? No this is the Amelia Earhart search, 78 years old yet active, alive and kicking. The third expedition by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) hell-bent on finding Amelia Earhart’s lost Lockheed aircraft was completed last month. In previous missions the Group has employed search teams, scuba divers and a manned submersible submarine to uncover a 19 by...