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American Hero Movies: 'American Sniper' v. 'Unbroken'


The 2015 Oscar nominations were released last Thursday, and American Sniper is up for Best Picture. It shouldn’t be. Don’t mistake me: American Sniper is not a bad movie. It’s just not a great movie, either. This was equal parts surprising and disappointing, since the trailer and TV advertisements looked compelling, and Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood’s involvement in the film had as me as excited as I’d been in a long time to see any movie. I was expecting something iconic...

Movie Review -- 'Maleficent' Piques Interest, But Suffers From Shaky Storytelling

Maleficent-2014-movie review

I am well aware that I am not in the target audience for Disney's Maleficent. I am male, in my 20s and fairly orthodox when it comes to story structure; in other words, there are plenty of reasons to write off my opinion and go see it (though I am not advising total avoidance). Just be warned that the movie has major story-telling problems and viewers might have difficulty figuring out what exactly is disengaging them.
The Inexcusable
In an era with movies like Up that entice the attention of both children and adults via efficient openings,...