Best Town in the Midwest

Duluth Better Than Minneapolis?

High Bridge by Randen Pederson

Minneapolitans are not used to being surpassed in many categories that start with the word "best," but our defeat is easier when the victor is just as Minnesotan as we are. Outside Magazine (or voters on its website rather) determined Tuesday night that Duluth, not Minneapolis, is the best place to live in the Midwest. Who would have thunk it? Without trying to sound bitter and sore about this definitive defeat, I'll mention that not a single soul among my friend group didn't...

Minneapolis and Duluth Battle for Best Town in Midwest

duluth - best city in the midwest

Minneapolis and Duluth are fighting for the title of Best Town in the Midwest, part of Outside Magazine’s contest for America’s Best Place to Live. Duluth is currently in the lead, beating out Minneapolis by more than 4,000 votes. The winner is chosen by voting done on Outside Magazine’s website. The contest is a bracket-style competition that includes the Midwest, West, East and South. The...