Minnesota Mom Sinks $4,000 Half Court Shot

mom makes miracle shot Not to be outdone by Oman Oman, a Minnesota mom made a miracle shot this week, earning $4,000 off her daughter's tuition. Angela Ramey and her daughter Grace were the top performers in a recent fundraiser at Bethany Academy in Bloomington. As a reward, the school gave Angela three tries at a half-court basketball shot to provide her daughter a 50% discount off next year's $8,000 tuition charge. Angela missed the first shot. And...

Six Mall of America Developments

mall of america expansion - 2015 - entrance

Despite news of more international competition stepping onto the scene, Minnesota's Mall of America is not slowing down. New stores, restaurants and even a multi-stage expansion are combining to make a perfect buzz-storm for the tourist hot-spot.  
#1 More Stuff for Kids... Literally
The colorful and classical landmark of the ...

Mall of America's Hopes of Regaining Supremacy Dashed! Meet Dubai's 'Mall of the World'

[caption id="attachment_274042" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Mall of the Emirates- Peijian Huang The Mall of the Emirates, existing mega-mall in the United Arab Emirates - Peijian Huang[/caption] Minnesota invented the indoor mall concept out of necessity. Then we built the Mall of America for the sake of tourism. But sometimes a good idea can get a little warped when others try to copy it. Take the King of Prussia Mall for example, it's just a commercial space that kept getting added onto; its two separate hubs are currently being connected...

Great Happy Hour Specials and Burgers to Die For -- 'Lucky's 13 Pub' Restaurant Review

Lucky's 13 Pub - Bloomington

The Minneapolis/St.Paul area has an array of choices when it comes to food. It’s almost overwhelming when choosing which area and/or type of restaurant to go to. I find picking a location that has a little bit of everything for the whole clan is almost always a good idea. In particular, a popular theme to Minneapolis restaurants are the pubs and eateries.

When I met up with a friend for drinks, we decided the Bloomington area was easiest. We agreed to meet at a fast-paced, crowded establishment...