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Book Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

the-girl-on-the-train By now, the buzz around Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl has officially died down, and everyone has a new obsession: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I just finished this book the other night, and I found it to be mostly enjoyable. The Girl on the Train is a murder mystery, and it changes point of view between the three main female characters, Rachel, Anna, and Megan. However, the majority of the book focuses on Rachel.
The Summary
From the beginning, we learn that Rachel is an alcoholic who is struggling to cope...

Book Review – 'Mr. Mercedes' by Stephen King

mr-mercedes - king - book review

A first attempt at the hard-boiled detective novel, Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes is a genuine departure from his usual best-selling horror/thriller niche. Firmly rooted in a fictional 2012 Ohio, Mr. Mercedes alternately follows both the recently retired detective Bill Hodges and the psychotic and incestuously obsessed Brady Hartsfield. Rendered in King’s familiar subchapter framework, a narrative style that compliments King’s penchant for suspense and frequent crescendos of dramatic tension, Mr. Mercedes...

Dusting Off a Classic: ‘The Sun Also Rises’

Hemingway - the sun rises book reflection

It is near impossible to discuss Ernest Hemingway’s second published novel, The Sun Also Rises, without a mention of the man himself. Written during his years in Europe as a member of the expatriate artistic movement of the early twentieth century post-World War I era, the events and characters of The Sun Also Rises are heavily autobiographical, albeit fictionalized enough to capture the zeitgeist of a ‘lost generation’ rather than expose the personal flaws of real individuals. “We are all...

Book Review -- 'The Vanishing' is Full of Unpredictability

the vanishing book review

It isn’t very often that you stumble across a tale that takes place in Minnesota, whether it is a movie, a television show, or a book. Far too often places like New York and Los Angeles are the settings for stories, and I have often longed to read something that strikes a little closer to home. That’s why I was so excited to come across The Vanishing. Written by Wendy Webb, who lives in Minnesota and is also the editor of Duluth-Superior Magazine, the book is set in the northern woods of our very own state. The Vanishing...