Brau Brothers

Minnesota State Senate's Party Lines Blur as Liquor Laws Take Center Stage

Growler Sales State Senate

On Monday the Teamsters Union nabbed an important win in their push-back against a popular provision to allow for Sunday growler sales in the Minnesota State Senate's liquor bill. All hope (for beer-lovers) seemed lost as the provision was officially stripped in the Senate Tax Committee. It appeared destined to become...

'Brau Brothers' Taproom in Marshall, MN

Brau Bros Front Marshall, MN

Minneapolitans aren't often seen roaming the smooth prairies of southwestern Minnesota (especially in March); but my fiancée and I had the opportunity to do just that. Little did we know, until informed by my good friend and his wife (who recently became residents of the area), that the Brau Brothers, the undisputed beer-lords of our state's southwestern corner, had constructed a legendary drinking hall and brew-lab in the city of Marshall. Marshall, for those of you who believe civilization...