Breaking Bad

'Breaking Bad' Tribute Video Will Make You Want to Watch it All Again

BreakingBad - tribute video

Since the conclusion of Breaking Bad, the Internet has been littered with tribute videos and montages -- some are good, some are bad -- but here, I present the best of the bunch, the "All Hail the King," if you will. Alexandre Gasulla edited together this gem, perfectly using voiceover from the show to perfectly accentuate the poetic visuals. Without further ado... enjoy....

Jimmy Fallon Parodies 'Breaking Bad' With 'Joking Bad'

Joking Bad - Jimmy Fallon

While this Jimmy Fallon video hit circulation quite a bit ago, I just stumbled across it the other day. I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and I am so sad it's all over (but more than satisfied with how it all ended) -- considering my fandom, I was more than floored when checking out Jimmy Fallon's parody of the show called 'Joking Bad.' This short video spins the extremely popular show and changes Walt from a chemist making meth to a comedian selling off his best jokes. The amount of detail given to this skit will make Breaking...