New Rail Service Twin Cities-Chicago and the Ghosts of the 100 MPH Hiawatha Trains

In June 1947, the Milwaukee Road Railroad introduced the streamlined, herculean Olympian Hiawatha train on the Twin Cities-Chicago route. Adam Burns of American Rails reported that the new “trains became instantly successful and regularly cruised over 100 mph with nary a bump or shudder during the ride.” He added that the “trains could make the jaunt between the two cities in roughly six hours.”

The 1952 afternoon Hiawatha from Chicago to St. Paul was scheduled at 6 hours and 15 minutes. In the pursuit of safety, Milwaukee Road installed “Reduce to 90” (miles-per-hour)...

An Adventure to Chicago -- A Trip to Remember

Chicago - Navy Pier - Sam

I have never been able to label myself as a traveler. I remember hearing people in my high school classes talking about their trips to Mexico with their families. The most I ever had to contribute was that time I went to Oregon when I was seven and got bit by my dad’s new dog. Not the most glamorous of experiences. Therefore, while I was planning my trip to Chicago this summer, I wanted to immerse myself in activities that would allow me to proudly wear the traveler badge I’d been missing all my life. That is, until I realized Chicago is not Minneapolis. ...