Christian Ponder

Idiot Vikings Fan Shows the Ugly Side of Twitter

Sam Ponder Attacked on Twitter

As far as Vikings fans go, there are few in the state more passionate and supportive of the team than me. I love the Vikings and watch them at their lowest and of course their best. It's been a roller coaster ride lately as the team searches for just a touch of consistency from the quarterback position. I've been just as frustrated by the inconsistent play of Christian Ponder as most Vikings fans -- but some moron on Twitter took his frustration to a new low, asking Ponder's wife, Sam Ponder, to kill her husband. Seriously. There are few things...

Minnesota Vikings Breakdown: Giving Ponder a Chance

Ponder - Vikings - 2013

I've had the same debate with so many people over the past couple of months -- even last year I was talking specifics on Christian Ponder and his role in the Vikings future. Ponder is easily the most heated debate topic amongst Vikings fans, with most siding against the 3rd year quarterback out of Florida State University. I will be completely honest, I have never been Ponder's biggest backer -- last year there were stretches when I said he clearly was not...

Minnesota Vikings Breakdown: Players and Coaches Report to Training Camp Today

2013 Vikings Training Camp

For many, today is a great day. After the Superbowl, football is gone from Minnesota sports fans' lives for 5+ months -- but now, with players and coaches reporting to training camp today, excited Vikings fans get the chance to check out their favorite team back in action. Even though it's just practice, and the current roster is significantly larger than the final 53 man squad, fans from all over the region flock to Mankato to get a glimpse of aging veterans, rising rookies, and seasoned superstars. Today marks the beginning of the season for the 2013 Minnesota Vikings. ...