Circus Juventas

Chimgee Haltarhuu: Circus Performer, Domestic Abuse Activist, and Downright Amazing Woman

Chimgee Haltarhuu

Meet Chimgee Haltarhuu, a Mongolian-American woman driven to end outdated views in Mongolia on domestic abuse. Haltarhuu shared with me her life story: from growing up in Mongolia, joining the circus, moving to the U.S., and starting a mission to help battered women. Chimgee Haltarhuu is one of the most motivated and inspiring persons I have ever met -- I encourage you to read her story on how she broke from the cyclical pattern of abuse and now helps others to escape it.
Haltarhuu's story starts off in Mongolia when she was a child. As a young girl, she was always...

'Circus Juventas' -- Put Your Kids Where They Belong: In the Circus

juggleCJ To keep their K-12 children busy after school and during the summer months, parents enroll their kids a myriad of activities. There are painting classes, ballet, soccer, baseball, trumpet lessons, religion classes, Girl Scouts, swimming, and so much more. Those just mentioned are conventional ideas that come to the "where should we stick our kids" table. But did you ever think let's put them in the circus? Well a number of parents did just that with Circus Juventas. Circus Juventas is located in Saint Paul's Highland neighborhood and has been around since 1994. For 20 years it stands as a performing arts school for adolescents, which...