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College is Too Expensive… Here Are Some Simple Ways to Combat Rising Costs

college tuition

When it comes to higher education, it seems like all we hear about is the rising cost of tuition -- in today’s economy paying for college can be extremely difficult and expensive. Most students are forced to take out thousands of dollars in loans to help offset the cost of college while others skip secondary school all together. Although some students take on part-time and full-time jobs while in school, there are others who aren’t able to work. Not having a steady income in school can be hard, hence the term “starving students.” As a college student, I know the struggle of being broke all too well -- but my...

Gophers Get Crushed by Iowa -- Follow Trend of Mediocre Minnesota Football Teams

Gophers Lose to Hawkeyes - 2013

I'm not a college football fan at all -- I could not care less about the Gophers football team, even despite attending the University of Minnesota four years. Part of my distaste for the team has to do with how much I dislike college football in general -- the other part comes from how much of a joke the program has been for years. Oh what's that, the Gophers went to a bowl game last year? Oh that's a huge deal (sarcasm). There are 35 bowl games currently, meaning 70 teams participate. It's not a huge accomplishment to attend and lose the Meineke...