David Yates

Movie Review -- 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is Another Magical Ride


Trying to produce a series of prequels from an already established franchise is like farming in a lush grassy field plagued with mines. Few filmmakers have tilled this soil unscathed (See Star Wars prequels and The Hobbit prequels). While you have to establish a set of new characters to identify this as a totally new series, you also have to throw the audience a few bones to tie it back to the familiar franchise....

Movie Review -- 'The Legend of Tarzan' is a Solid Action-Adventure Flick


Tarzan has long been a household name, bringing up memories of chest beating, vine swinging, and that famous yell that echoes through the jungle. He's seen his day in old television adaptations and some animated features from Disney, but never in a big budget blockbuster. Similar to The Lone Ranger or John Carter, classic heroes adapted for today's audience (and both big box office failures), the relevancy of Tarzan remains unclear. Some may find his mythology silly and outdated while others may become uncomfortable by the story of a white...