Pets Loyal 2 Vets-- A Wonderful Minnesota Non-Profit Company

dog 28129 The U.S. Department of Veterans estimates that between veterans of the Vietnam, Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraqi wars approximately 18% of these veterans have or have had PTSD due to their time in combat. In addition to PTSD, some veterans suffer from TBI (traumatic brain injures) and sexual and physical assault traumas, which can lead to difficulties in adjusting to life once they are back home. Shockingly, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans, 55% of women in the military and 38% of men experience sexual harassment and trauma while in the service. Coping with these issues can be very difficult for Veterans and many have found that turning...

Even Dogs Love 'Frozen' Songs

dog sings to Frozen If you have a child, or know any children, undoubtedly you have heard a Frozen song or two sang from time to time. "Let It Go" is one song that has captured the hearts of the youngest generation -- kids are obsessed with the music and all that is Frozen. Well, as it turns out, even some dogs love Frozen. Check out the video below.

Do Dogs Get Jealous?


"Yes. Yes, they do." says science. According a recent study by researchers Christine R. Harris and Caroline Prouvost at the University of California, San Diego, dogs exhibit behavior consistent with what we understand about human jealousy. Their experiment was simple: 36 dogs were videotaped interacting with their owners in one of three tests. In the first test, the owners showed affection (e.g., "petting, talking sweetly") toward a stuffed animal in the presence of their dog. In the next test, owners showed the same level of affection for a plastic jack-o-lantern pail. In the third test, owners read aloud...

Minneapolis Shelter Allows Public to Adopt Pit Bulls, Rottweilers


After about 15 years, the city of Minneapolis is now allowing pit bulls and Rottweilers to be adopted from its dog shelter by the general public. Previously, only certain city-approved rescue groups were allowed to adopt these animals.

Over the years there has been a flood of these animals being dropped off at the shelter, more than 700 in 2011 alone. The Minneapolis shelter cannot turn any animal away based on breed,...

Dogs Shaking in Slow Motion Equals Awesome

Shake video - pit bulls

This video has made its rounds on the Internet the past few days, and I of course could not stop myself from sharing. Even though I love this video of dogs shaking off, I surely hate it when my dog shakes off like this after getting out of the bathtub. He does it to get back at me for administering the bath. Anyway, this video you can pleasantly watch from the safety of your computer or phone, no need to worry about getting wet. It's kind of gross watching the floppy mouths and tongues of dogs in slow motion -- their spit goes everywhere, something I never consider...