Free Night of Racing at Elko Speedway

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Fast cars and free entertainment on a Saturday night in Minnesota — you can't beat that. At Elko Speedway on June 7th, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association is sponsoring a free night of racing for all spectators in attendance. The event has been (cleverly) dubbed Tasseldega Nights and should be a fun and memorable evening for the whole family to enjoy. Never been to the races in Elko? Wondering what it's like? According to their website: The track is treacherous:
"It's a high-banked 3/8 mile paved oval allowing...

A Summer Tradition Restored -- Drive-in Theater Coming to Elko

drive-in-movie-theater The idea of drive-in theaters conjures up a Grease-like image of teenagers holed up in their old-timey cars to see a double feature. This routine no longer seems to exist in modern society. In fact, Minnesota has closed over 50 drive-in theaters since “the good ole’ days.” But there is hope for a revival. Plans for a new drive-in theater in Minnesota are in the works as we speak. The theater will be open in a small town in southern Minnesota called Elko, home of the Elko Speedway. In fact, the theater will be situated right next to the Speedway.