Fast and the Furious

Movie Review — 'Furious 7’ Blows Stuff Up Good


What is the Fast and Furious franchise exactly? I mean what is it about? Pirates of the Caribbean is about pirates, for instance. You can say it’s about the characters, but I’d venture a guess that if Captain Jack Sparrow was, say, a lawyer or a dentist in the next film, that would probably throw some people. The Fast and the Furious, I thought at least, was' a movie about street racing. It was also a little bit about crime and a fairly obvious knockoff of Point Break, but that’s beside the point. You had the racers and family (Vin Deisel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, et al), you had the police (nobody anyone...

Movie Review -- 'Need for Speed' is Much Better than You'd Expect

need for speed movie review - 2014

There’s a curse hanging over movies like Need for Speed. First, at this point, all movies in this genre are born in the shadow of six Fast and the Furious movies -- there is a huge precedent already set for this genre. Will Need for Speed live up to its predecessors? Is it just a cheap copy? But that’s not the only element to the curse. Need for Speed is also a video game movie. I am fairly certain there is a curse affecting movies based on video...