Even Dogs Love 'Frozen' Songs

dog sings to Frozen If you have a child, or know any children, undoubtedly you have heard a Frozen song or two sang from time to time. "Let It Go" is one song that has captured the hearts of the youngest generation -- kids are obsessed with the music and all that is Frozen. Well, as it turns out, even some dogs love Frozen. Check out the video below.

How 'Frozen' Should Have Ended

How Frozen should have ended

I know this post will find a lot of folks considering everyone with children has seen Frozen at least ten times. Even those who don't have children like myself have seen Frozen more than once. Because of the catchy songs, that won't leave my head for days and days I might add ("Let it Go"), Frozen has become part of the cultural fabric -- this of course warrants parody videos online, which the YouTube Channel How It Should...

Winter Storm Incoming!

Uncle Sam Minnesota Winter

This Minnesota winter has been one of the most painful in memory (especially for us Millennials). The cold has crippled the state several times and caused even the great lakes to pretty much freeze over. Snow has made parking nightmarish and now there is up to a foot more on the way. ...Okay I might be exaggerating (most sources say a maximum of eight inches for Minneapolis), but this will likely be...

Redefining Success -- 'Frozen' and 'The Lego Movie' Make a Case For Family-Friendly Entertainment


It's interesting to see two unsuspecting (kind of) movies that have been the biggest hits in theaters over the past months. Frozen has launched a seemingly endless phenomenon, and The Lego Movie has been a smash hit since hitting theaters last month (96% on Rotten Tomatoes!). It truly intrigues me that these are the two movies that almost everyone has seen and both...

Movie Reivew -- 'Frozen' is a Visual Masterpiece and Another Fun Disney Princess Tale

Frozen - 2013 - Movie Review - Minnesota Connected Frozen has been one of those animated gems that has been beloved by audiences and critics alike -- while I myself am a huge Pixar fan (this is not a Pixar film) and love animated films, and the consensus on the film to this point has been almost strictly positive, I still never got around to seeing Frozen until yesterday. And to my surprise, the theater was still packed full of kids and their parents, even despite the film releasing in late November. After the screening, I understood why the theater was packed...