Glen Taylor

Timberwolves President Rosas Stalks Number One Pick and Salary Cap Vengeance

Obscured amid the chaos of the world shutting down, emerge the barely-perceptible buds and blossoms of a remarkable turnaround.  In his short 14 month tenure, Minnesota Timberwolves President Gersson Rosas has made a Turkish bazaar look sedate. He has wheeled and dealed the downtrodden franchise into a promising and even enviable position for next year.

When Rosas arrived, the Wolves were mired in salary cap hell, a mere $3 million short of the luxury tax. A very informative analysis by Dane Moore displayed...

Pioneer Press Possibly Looking for Buyer

Pioneer Press may be up for sale

The oldest printed daily newspaper in the state, the Pioneer Press, is looking to follow in the footsteps of the largest daily newspaper in the state, the Star Tribune, by finding a new owner. The Newspaper Guild spoke for members of the Pioneer Press staff Monday as they took out an advertisement in the Star Tribune. The ad in the business section of the Star Tribune...

The Top Five Richest Minnesotans


Do you remember the money bin from Duck Tales? Old Scrooge McDuck doing his best Greg Louganis/Michael Phelps impression diving/swimming through his giant fortified swimming pool full of gold coins and other treasures?

Despite being so old, Scrooge sure had some speed in that ocean of money.