The 86th Academy Awards -- Did This Gala Restore My Hope in Award Shows?

ellen-degeneres-oscars-2014- host

"Hopefully the Oscars in March will restore what little hope is left in award show entertainment." This was the last line in my January article about the Grammy's -- I was left a little less than impressed with the music awards show. I won't belabor the points, but if you want a refresher, click the link above. So, with a mixture of excitement and worry, I sat on the couch with my wife and a pizza on Sunday evening and turned on the Oscars -- what I witnessed was astounding. Ellen...

'Gravity' Will Keep You in Orbit For Days

Gravity - Movie - 2013

If you have spent any amount of time watching television in the past month, chances are you have seen a commercial or two for Gravity. The movie's promotional campaign has been second to none in the last couple of months, and with good reason -- everyone should get out and give this movie a shot. Even if you aren't a movie fanatic, if you've ever had any fascination with space, this is an unbelievable film that deposits the viewer right into the vastness and complexities of space. First, I have to start by saying that ...